• trails that PWV maintains 250+ miles
  • PWV has no paid staff 100% Volunteer
  • PWV volunteer hours for 2014 26,900+ hours
  • designated Wilderness that PWV cares for 159,000+ acres
  • ages from 18-80 260 Active Members
  • total value of PWV hours to USFS since 1996 $4,000,000+

Picture of Chuck Bell flagging a trail in the Rawah Wilderness, July 2009No organization magically springs, full-blown, into the world. Much planning, experimenting, trial and error, and gathering of information is involved. But before any of that happens, one person has to have an idea, an inspiration, which is so compelling that it must be pursued. In the case of the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, that person is Chuck Bell. While volunteering for the Forest Service, he saw a vital need for ordinary citizens to assist the Forest Service in maintaining the wilderness.

Here, in Chuck Bell’s own words, is the story of how we started.

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